• The Young DGCA Pilots for their Mandatory Training - II

    This is the 2nd Group of them to have their Mandatory Training here in NFI. The Training start from Monday 5th of June 2017 to 14 of June 2017. The training subject matters are: Aviation Security, Crew Resource Management, Safety Management System, Dangerous Goods, Windshear and ALAR/ CFIT.

  • SusiAir HQ Pangandaran DG Training Type A Initial& Recurrent

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    The training taken place at SusiAir HQ for DG Initial& Recurrent and Mr. Agus Mardiyono and Mr. Agus Narudin from NFI comeback with happiness to visit the venue.

  • The Young DGCA Pilots for their Mandatory Training I

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    They are; 1. Bagus Handriyanto 2. Daniel Perdana P 3. Dimas Suwandar J 4. Edi Triyadi 5. Faisal Mochamad Aziz 6. Gregorius Bisma Hartanto 7. Hasan Basri Sobara 8. Ifdan Rama Hidayat 9. Ilham N Huda 10. Joshua Hutajulu 11. M Nabil M T 12. Nimawan 13. Rangga Wilimandala 14. Salamun Fajri 15. Vazar Dwi Ardhiansyah

  • DG Training "Type - A" Final Checked by DGCA/ KamPen

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    Saturday March 25th, 2017 at NFI Building.

  • DG Training Type- A 2017

    Training begin from 20th March to 24th March, 2017 while Written Test& Practical will be checked by DGCA/ KamPen on 27th of March, 2017.

  • ATP Ground Training Batch - 2

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    The ATP Ground training begin from 20th of March to 4th of May 2017.

  • ATP Course Final Check by DGCA (Mr. Aidil. F and Mr. Yudi Tama. C)

    Internal News

    ATP Course Batch- 1; (8- 9- 10 of March 2017, location at NFI Building Kalimalang) 1. Pramudya Rizfa Dharma 2. Marcha Bintang Perwira 3. R. Aldizar Rahadian A 4. Allison Satria Ramdhani 5. Niko Sudewo 6. Agastra Aptama Putra 7. M. Gaffan Oktowita P 8. Erig Marotta 9. Billy Manuel Panjaitan 10. Irsyandi A.B 11. M. Bintang R Sakti 12. Agus Sumaedi

  • NFI ATP Ground Training Batch-1 2017

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    Under DGCA permit for Ground ATP, 1st Batch proceed on January 16th, 2017 ATPL is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. ATPL course is meant for future airline pilots. ATPL certified pilots are authorized to act as Pilot-in-Command [Commander] of an aircraft in any airline. */; All Instructors with Airlines experienced world wide become their Subject Matters Expertise on this training.

  • NFI Graduation day XIII

    External News

    Congratulation to all of our students who have just finished their training today 18th January, 2017 at Krakatau Hall Ballroom, Horison Hotel. Bekasi

  • In its first Global Services Forecast, Airbus has predicted that the number of new pilots needed by the year 2035 will top 560,000.

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    While today there are an estimated 200,000 active pilots who fly passenger aircraft, Airbus’ GSF predicts that this is set grow to some 450,000 pilots by 2035. The report shares that the total number of active pilots needed by the year 2035, along with the need to replace flight-crew who retire during the next 20 years, will result in the need to train as many as 560,000 new pilots over this period. In terms of technical staff needed, the Airbus GSF predicts a requirement to train approximately 540,000 new technicians. The most recent Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook shared similar numbers, laying out the need for more than 558,000 commercial airline pilots before 2034. As in Boeing’s report, Airbus predicts that the overwhelming need for pilots will be seen in the Asia-Pacific region, while Europe and North America combined will account for approximately one third of the total MRO (Marketing, Repair and Overhaul) market spend.

  • Dangerous Goods Type A Training, NFI Building Jakarta

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    30/11/2016 - 08/12/2016 Participants; - PT. Intan Angkasa Airservice, PT. Agincourt Resource, PT. Eksplorasi Nusa Jaya 1. Sarbini 2. Muchtar 3. Giatna 4. Hadiansyah Gazali 5. Arief Mulyawan 6. Parilan Kerto Sentiko 7. Devi Juwita 8. Mashabi Pasaribu 9. Firdaus Siregar 10. Hendrik Samara 11. Welly Mundung

  • NFI Jungle Survival 2016

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    The training for Pilot discovered supposes that they were got lost in the jungle. So they're unsure about whether or not rescue will be arriving. NFI have sent all 42 pilot's student by ourselves survival team on 14th October 2016 with Cikalong Kulon West Java as the training area. NFI CEO Capt Rudi A Rorooh happily visited JSS event at the end of the last stage.

  • CRM Recurrent Training 2016 for Trigana Air.

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    There are 17 of Pilots, Flight Attendants and Flight Operations Officers recurrent training for CRM.

  • Dangerous Goods Type A Training for Susi Air and Aviastar, NFI Building Jakarta

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    From 29-8-2016 to 2-9-2016 NFI Building 2nd Floor. Susi Air and Aviastar taken their DGR Training Type A, and Comprehensive Performance Test by DGCA for their DG LIcense endorsement.

  • NFI Graduation Day XII

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    Congratulation to all of our students who have just finished their training today August 31st, 2016 at Puri Ardhya Garini Hall, Halim Perdanakusuma Jakarta.


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    NFI always taken participation to celebrate the independence day like today of the 71st.

  • Mandatory (Recurrent)Training for all PT. AMA Pilots 2016, Sentani -Jayapura. Papua

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    NFI Instructors (Capt. Desmond Hutagaol and Saman Parthaonand) visited PT. AMA Sentani Jayapura Papua to deliver Recurrent Training on June 26th - 29th, 2016 for all their pilots.


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    Friday 10th of June 2016, formally we are begin our operational here now in our New Building.

  • Lampung Timur District and Nusa Flying International

    NFI CEO Capt. RA Rooroh visited East Lampung in fulfillment of their invitation hospitality, planning to have NFI and East Lampung join operations in the nearer future. Capt RA Rooroh accompanied by Mr. Sukanda Mechsan NFI Marketing Manager during their visit while from East Lampung they are Mrs. Chusnunia Chalim Bupati Lampung Timur, Kabidperhubud Dinas Perhubungan Mr. Bambang Soembogo and Kadin Kominfo LamTim Mr. Afdal Faisal. The training area may take place using PT. Nusantara Tropical Fruit runway which was recommended by Mr. Bambang Soembogo, all stakes holder (Pemda Lampung, Kemenhub and NFI) will be take more intents of another meeting as well as supporting to get realization of this win- win opportunity.

  • Panduan Menjadi Pilot, Persiapan menjadi Penerbang by Arya Cakra A-330 Pilot

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    Sebelum membahas tentang syarat-syarat menjadi penerbang perlu diketahui beberapa lisensi/ surat ijin yang dipegang oleh seorang penerbang. Seperti halnya surat ijin mengemudi kendaraan bermotor, lisensi penerbang mempunyai beberapa kategori yang berbeda dengan hak yang berbeda pula. Setiap penerbang perlu melakukan tes tulis dan tes terbang untuk setiap lisensi yang diambil. Tes terbang juga biasanya terdiri dari interview untuk menilai pengetahuan penerbang. Tes terbang ini dikenal dengan nama check ride.

Nusa Flying International as an approved Pilot School has sufficient facilities to support its operations, assuring you of the very highest standards of safety, comfort and quality pilot education that you would except from a professional flight academy.