CRM Recurrent Training 2016 for Trigana Air.

There are 17 of Pilots, Flight Attendants and Flight Operations Officers recurrent training for CRM.

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CRM Recurrent Training 2016 for Trigana Air.

 PILOTS        Flight Attendants FOO  
Capt. Alfred Ahmaji Annisa Fitri Diyan Putra Murti
Capt. Yus Fidaus Irvie Selvi Irwanto
Capt. A. Abdillah Kamil Reny Ermasari Cindi Mopangga
FO. Ando Ferdian Sulistyarini Gemal Saputra
FO. Raditya Surya N Irma Rachmayati  
FO. Octaviyanti B Ronsumbre Muniroh  
  Rizkia Ramadhanti  


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