NFI Jungle Survival 2016

The training for Pilot discovered supposes that they were got lost in the jungle. So they're unsure about whether or not rescue will be arriving. NFI have sent all 42 pilot's student by ourselves survival team on 14th October 2016 with Cikalong Kulon West Java as the training area. NFI CEO Capt Rudi A Rorooh happily visited JSS event at the end of the last stage.

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NFI Jungle Survival 2016

They're unsure about whether or not rescue will be arriving. Here is a list of what they should be doing:

1. Find a source of drinking water.
2. Find or build a shelter before nightfall.
3. Fashion a weapon you can use for self defense.
4. Wait to see if rescue arrives.
5. Find a source of food.
6. Travel in one direction during daylight hours.

Nusa Flying International as an approved Pilot School has sufficient facilities to support its operations, assuring you of the very highest standards of safety, comfort and quality pilot education that you would except from a professional flight academy.