Recurrent ALAR - CFIT Training for XpressAir

Approach and Landing Accident Reduction/ Control Flight Into Terrain by Capt. Darwis Panjaitan

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Recurrent ALAR - CFIT Training for XpressAir

The participants are;

1. Capt Bambang Hermanto 2. Capt Setyo Budi Adi 3. Capt Hitesh Mehta 4. Capt M. Anfal 5. Capt Rachmat Arief Putra 6. Capt Ugiek Satya Nugraha 7. Capt Filson David 8. Capt Yudhi Mustari

9. FO Byung Il Lim 10. FO Andy Kurniawan 11. FO Adri Purwoko 12. FO Yudhistira Pratama 13. FO M Topan Sidiq Palaguna 14. Febrian Rivanda

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