Audit Technique and Procedures

This audit approach provides techniques for reviewing the key elements in a maintenance management program to improve overall effectiveness.

Training - Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO) (CASR PART 147)

Audit Technique and Procedures



The basic phases, steps, and functional assignments in the management audit process are described below. There can be many variations on the central framework, depending on the organization’s size, management style, and organizational structure. Formal, coordinated steps might be necessary for larger organizations;

  • Phase I Establish Priorities and Establish Schedule 
  • Phase II Define and Organize the Audit
  • Phase III Form the Audit Team
  • Phase IV Perform the Audit
  • Phase V Prepare the Report
  • Phase VI Management Action 
  • Phase VIII Final Follow-up of Result

(The four factors indicating efficiency and effectiveness — productivity, performance, work quality, and priority — overlap in many areas of the maintenance organization. An analysis of how maintenance is managed and performed uses five basic components to evaluate the effectiveness of a maintenance management program). 


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