Crew Resource Management (CRM)

This course was developed and is designed to enhance safety by increasing the efficiency of relationship in between crew members. This increased efficiency is realized through training in team management, communication, situational awareness, decision making and recognition of the resources available to assist the safest, efficient of flight.

Training - Training Centre (CASR PART 142)

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

a) The individual                                                                  

Introduction, Aviation system, Operating environment, Threat& Error Management, Organizational error

b) Interpersonal skill /  Personality, Attitude and Behavior    

Communication, Conflict Resolution / Problem Solving, Handling information, Exercise : Role play, Gate game, Leadership

c) Working in team                                                               

Team work, Assertiveness, Decisions Making, Exercise : desert crash game, Exercise : survival, Communication, Exercise : Leadership, Conclusions, Making Mistakes / Human Error, Situational Awareness



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