Human Factors - Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)

This Human Factors training as a Mandatory for mechanics and engineers AMEL holder in the aviation, it's been designed such a manner by expertise in order they keep current and be able to; - Understand human error and recognize contributing causes, - Recognize and correct the common causes of maintenance errors, - Identify the chain of events in an accident, - Develop barriers and methods to break “the chain” through the concept of Threat and Error Management and - Use MRM skills to reduce error

Training - Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO) (CASR PART 147)

Human Factors - Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)

Course contents for this training;

1. What is Human Factors?

2. Human Error

3. Error Chain

4. Maintenance Resource Management

5. Applying What We Have Learned

6. Questions

7. Summary

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